My Fall Equinox


Today is Vegan MoFo Day 23 and I’ve hit a serious slump.  I started out the month strong with great ideas for something to post every single day.  I think it was the fever delusion ideas that made them such great ideas.  Now that I’m not sick and I’m back to my busy schedule I haven’t had a chance to sit down and plan any of my posts for the rest of this month.  And that makes me really sad 😦

Day 23 is the first day of fall.  Already everyone is going on and on about pumpkin everything and people are just jumping into all the fall things.  Fall for me is strange.  I’m always super busy with work and it’s my birthday and my brother’s birthday and I’m super busy outside of work as well.  There’s the wine festivals, the Renaissance faire, apple picking, Halloween, and, and and…

I both love and hate fall.  Fall is such a great time- the weather is cooler and I can enjoy the outdoors more.  There’s all the fun fall events.  But at the same time, it also leads up to my birthday and I always use this time as a time of reflection.  And I never like what I see.  So every single October I end up going into some sort of hate spiral for an entire month that just leaves me in a bad place.  Every.  Single.  Year.

I’d say this year will be different, but it probably won’t.  I’ve written in the past about my work woes and how everything is changing and I feel so lost in all of it.  That hasn’t gone away.  It’s only continued to get worse as the weeks go by.  Fall is a time where many companies in this area start to hire new staff.  Meaning that a lot of people at my current job have found other employment and are leaving.  This leads me to reflect on my life, and change, and… 😦

What does this have to do with MoFo?  Today I baked a cake for my awesome friend Judy.  She has worked with me for the past 6 and a half years.  We both started out in the lab and our careers took different and interesting paths, but we always seemed to end up working together some how.  We became good friends over the years and seeing her go as brought up a lot of mixed feelings.  Of course I’m happy for her for finding a new job with better career opportunities.  But at the same time I feel sad.  The whole job itself isn’t the same now that people are leaving and I’m really struggling with that.  It’s enough to make a girl wonder if it’s worth all the heartache?

This is the cake I baked to congratulate my friend Judy.  It’s called “Celebration Cake” from Chloe Coscarelli’s Vegan Dessert book.


And because we had to have something healthy to go along with our cake…


For dinner I ended up eating something that had nothing to do with fall.  It’s the visual form of my denial.  I refuse to accept the season change!  🙂



Until next time!



2 responses to “My Fall Equinox

  1. Yeah, I have mixed feelings about fall, too. I’m sorry to hear that your work friends are leaving for other jobs; that has to be tough. 😦 Your cake and dinner both look lovely, though!

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