Stranded on an Island


Today is Vegan MoFo day 21!  I was going to deviate from the prompts this week, but I just couldn’t after I was reminded of what today is.  Today we are to discuss what 3 food items we would take if we somehow got stranded on an island.  I thought this was too fun to miss out on!

I mean there are so MANY possibilities.  But for me, the first three things that pop into my head are:  chickpeas, nutritional yeast, and tea.  I did see a post that made me second guess my picks- chocolate, wine, and coffee!  I can’t drink coffee anymore, but I would love an endless supply of chocolate and wine!  It certainly would make being stranded a whole lot better!

So why did I chose those three things?  Well chickpeas were first.  I am obsessed with them, and think that they belong in every meal.  I think the only time I don’t want them is for breakfast.  Though I think I’ve seen a recipe that turns them into a healthy Cocoa Puff.  I could eat them every single day and never get sick of them.  My favorite way to eat them is smothered in all my favorite seasonings and baked.  Might be tough to bake these chickpeas on an island, but I can eat them not cooked too and still love them!

Chickpea Tacos



Next I have picked Nutritional Yeast.  It became my favorite vegan thing when I realized you could make a cheeze sauce out of it.  I’ve written a ton about my mac and cheese obsession.  I get that I might not be able to cook a cheeze sauce when I’m stranded on an island, but I think it tastes great sprinkled on popcorn and vegetables!  Yup I just love this stuff!


And lastly, I have chosen tea.  Might sound silly to some of you, but once I learned I couldn’t really drink coffee anymore, I switched to tea and have been obsessed with it ever since.  It was over 3 years ago I switched to tea and in that time many fun little shops have opened in the area that sell loose leaf tea.  I would love an endless supply of this stuff.  I haven’t written much on my love of tea, but plan to in the future.  It might not be easy to make on a deserted island, but I’m still going to ask for it all the same 🙂


And now for the food portion of this post 🙂

Today I went to a restaurant called Sake in Latham, New York.  Kelly and I were in the mood for sushi and we weren’t able to get up to our favorite sushi restaurant in Saratoga.  I ended up ordering a peanut avocado roll and their version of a favorite of mine:  Tofu Teriyaki!!



The Tofu Teriyaki was very different at Sake.  The tofu was fried (yeah!) but there weren’t really any vegetables mixed into the sauce like I’m used to.  I didn’t take a good picture, but the decoration on the corner of the plate was baby corn and carrots.  It looked nice, but I ate it anyways!  I was expecting more vegetables.  Once I started eating I realized that the tofu was on a bed of onions…


That was kind of strange, in my opinion.  The tofu and the sauce were absolute perfection, but I would have preferred more vegetables in this dish.  I’m glad I got it, but I’m not sure I would get it again.  Unless I was having a huge craving for perfectly fried tofu- this was really good!!

Until next time!



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