Those That Inspire


Vegan MoFo Day 18 has asked us to honor a human or animal that inspires our veganism.  I saw a lot of posts yesterday with pictures of animals.  Everything from family pets to farm animals.  We really are an amazing community of very caring people.  Many many people live this way for the animals.  It almost made me feel a little selfish.  I love anmials too, but I do this whole vegan thing for myself and my health.  So today I wanted to honor the people who inspire me to stay on this path and inspire me to continue to be myself and to be a better person.


Chloe Coscarelli

Chloe is the reason why I started down this path to a vegan eating.  She truly is very inspiring.  Here she is with some of her pups- she truly does this because of her love of animals.  I think she is absolutely gorgeous.  I saw her book on a table in the bookstore a few years ago and my entire life changed.  This is one woman who is always striving to live her life better and goes for her dreams.  She is currently running her own vegan restaurant in NYC and is set to open her second location soon.  She is just amazing.


Lindsay Nixon

Lindsay is the founder of Happy Herbivore and Meal Mentor.  She is another very inspiring woman who shows people every day that you can go for your dreams.  She started out life as a lawyer but didn’t love the life she lived.  She quit and started her own business creating fun delicious easy to make plant based recipes.  She shows people that you can eat healthy no matter where you live and what kind of foods you have access to.  I can’t get over the fact that she completely changed her life and now is very happy and successful and has changed so many people’s lives.  I stay on the vegan path because her recipes are so easy, that I can throw something together even when I don’t feel like cooking.  I stay on track because of LIndsay!  🙂



Andrea is my best friend from college.  She lived on the same floor as me my freshman year.  I can’t believe we’ve known each other for 13 years!!  It’s crazy that we just happened to end up on the same floor and have many of the same interests.  Like she knew all my favorite video games!  She’s inspired me for years.  I never would have tried out baking and cooking if it wasn’t for Andrea pushing me to do it.  When we were in college we made fun things like stir fry and vegetable dishes with pasta.  And tacos!  When I went vegan she didn’t frown at anything I made.  She even joined me in cooking without animal products!  Now we make vegan curries, and sandwiches, and so many more things.  Her support helped me stay on track 🙂




I met Kelly at my job 8 years ago.  I wasn’t in the best place.  I was in a relationship that wasn’t working out, I had just recently quit grad school because I wasn’t happy, and I just didn’t want to make any new friends at this new job.  New friends just meant new heartache, and I didn’t know how long I was going to be at this job so I didn’t want to make any permanent attachments.  And then along came Kelly.  Kelly was persistent.  I told her flat out that I didn’t want to make any new friends at this job.  Kelly was new to the area, having moved her for the love of her life, and didn’t know anyone.  She only wanted to make friends.  Then one day I found myself at the mall, sitting across from her at a restaurant.  I had no idea how that had happened, but from then on we have been inseparable.  Kelly is probably the most supportive person I have ever known.  No matter what stupid things I do or say, she’s never had a bad thing to say about me and always supports everything I do 100%.  It was no different when I went vegan.  She’s been the one person who has loved every single thing that I have made, and always encouraged me to keep going.  Hell, when she was pregnant vegan food kept her fed and was part of getting her back to being healthy again.  She continues to inspire me every day 🙂

Aaaand now for the animals:


puppies1012694_10203741545236943_8924551073448117527_n 1148813_10201566295217052_481588258_n 1267712_10201861121747531_56427732_o 10575436_10204237036223908_2146020970953420183_o 10609607_10204300661774507_9124358390311438375_n 11406409_10206703060632977_8495495191084412074_n

Until next time!



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