Vegetable Equality


Today is day 15 of Vegan Month of Food, and today is special because it’s my BROTHER’S BIRTHDAY!  Happy Birthday JJ!!  Today’s prompt is asking us to show what we would make if the President of the United States stopped by.  Wow!  What a prompt.  What in the world would I make for the president?

I think this is a tough prompt.  I had no idea what to even start with.  I tried researching what type of food the President likes.  I came up with hot dogs.  Well I already wrote about a vegan version of hot dogs this MoFo.  And after that I came up with a whole lot of NOTHING.

I mean honestly, I could have made anything.  It’s not like I would ever get a chance to feed the President.  But I had to put some sort of effort into this and this is what I ended up coming up with:


I call this dish Vegetable Equality.  There are vegetables in this dish of all shapes and sizes.  They all have equal rights to be here in this dish!  I created this in honor of our President’s commitment to social equality no matter your race, gender, or sexual preference.

How many different vegetables can you name here?


This dish can be made any way you would like, but you have to make sure you have a wide variety of vegetables!  Then you can add whatever sauce you’d like and put it over a bed of rice.  For this I used Teriyaki sauce since I was having a major craving for it.

Here are all the vegetables I put in this dish:

  • Red pepper
  • Green pepper
  • Purple pepper
  • red onion
  • carrot
  • zucchini
  • yellow squash
  • purple potatoes
  • purple eggplant
  • white eggplant
  • tofu baked in teriyaki sauce

I was supposed to add in tomatoes and spinach but I completely forgot after I spent so much time prepping all these veggies!

I’m not sure how our President would feel about this dish I created in his honor, but I do know that his wife would be very happy that he would be eating all his vegetables!


Now I’m turning the question back on you:  what would you make if the President was coming over to your house for dinner?  Doesn’t matter if you are vegan or not, I want to hear what you would make the President!  I’m seeing a lot of fancy dishes over on Instagram.  Looks like people are really looking to impress him!

Until next time!



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