Blue (Green?) Cookie Tops


Day 10 of Vegan Month of Food has us coming up with Something Blue!  I think for a lot of us this was a tough prompt.  How many foods are blue?  I kept asking my friends to help me come up with something.  All anyone could think of was blueberries or blue corn tortillas.  Not that those aren’t good ideas, but I wanted to somehow be more creative with this.  So I got to work.

And by work, I mean I laid on my couch in misery and flipped through cookbooks.  Yup, I came up with this idea while I was sick too.  There was something about the fever that made me more creative I think.  I originally was just going to make a blue smoothie and make this super simple, but a bit more searching and I found this.


A strange pick, seeing as they aren’t blue.  And I almost passed right by this recipe but I saw this line:


Ding ding ding!  All I needed to do was find some blue Kool-Aid!

Which turned out to not be as easy as I thought.  When I was a kid the blue Kool-Aid was my favorite and I would drink it by the gallon.  I remember picking out flavors at the grocery store with my mom.  They sold the mix in those little packets.  I haven’t seen them in the grocery store in probably 20 years.  Did they even still sell it?

I asked one of my co-workers who has kids if they still sell Kool-Aid in packets.  It was confirmed, and I went to Walmart on my lunch break.  Now I don’t really like going to Walmart for many reasons, but this was for the sake of MoFo!  So there I was, pretty much on the floor in the drink mix isle trying to find a packet of blue Kool-Aid.  The very bottom row of the isle is where these packets were and doing a quick scan I did not see a single blue colored drink mix.  I was going to walk away, but I am very stubborn.  I got on the floor and was digging around trying to find anything that would work for a blue Kool-Aid.

By some sort of miracle I came up with two single packets of this:


It wasn’t the Blue Razzberry I remembered from my childhood, but the glass the Kool-Aid man is holding is blue, and the ingredients confirm that this drink is going to be blue.  There were only two packets buried in the back of the shelf.  I took them and ran.

The batter was a beautiful bright blue until I added the dry ingredients.  Then it turned a bit green….


And they were this color when they came out of the oven:


They were mostly blue.  I decided to take these to work because of how fun they looked and tasted.  That’s where things went horribly wrong.

See the directions say to use parchment paper so the cookies don’t stick.  I was like “Nahh!  I don’t need that!!”.  I also didn’t have any.  I didn’t bother to grease the pan either.  You know, it’s non-stick!  It should be fine!!


WRONG.  It was a total disaster.  I was scrapping the cookies off the pans with a knife.  You can see that didn’t work out too well.  I was annoyed and slightly frustrated by this, so for a split moment I wasn’t going to take them to work.  Then I remembered that nobody I work with cares about how things look and continued to scrape.


I served these cookies during our “Iced Tea Time” that we have every Wednesday afternoon.  I advertised them as Blue Cookie Tops.  Gotta make the most of a bad situation, right?  🙂  Everyone insisted they were green, but otherwise they were a huge hit!  They taste a bit like a sugar cookie.  A friend of mine gave me the suggestion of adding blue sprinkles next time to accent the blue color.  What a great idea!


There were a few cookies I didn’t bother to scrape off the pans before I left for work.  The ones that I left behind were a lot easier to get off the pan after sitting around in my hot apartment all day.  They were also a bit more blue when I returned home in the evening than when I first started out that morning.


They definitely look more blue now that they’ve been sitting for a day.  I guess the moral of this story is to have more patience.  And some parchment paper.  That would really help!

What did you think of my “Something Blue”?  I’m about to search through Instagram to see what other people came up with!  This was lots of fun, and now I have delicious cookies to eat.  I’ve even purchased other flavors of Kool-Aid to try this again!

Until next time!



2 responses to “Blue (Green?) Cookie Tops

  1. I’m glad to hear the cookies were a hit even though you had trouble getting them off the pan! Parchment paper is pretty awesome; I only started using it recently, but it works really well. Mostly though I just put foil down and spray a bit of canola oil, haha.

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