1950’s Diner Meal


Today is the 9th day of Vegan Month of Food and our prompt today is “Most Retro Recipe”.  I had a tough time coming up with an idea for this one at first.  The first thing that popped into my head was “meat loaf”.  That just feels to me like retro.  I like vegan meat loaf, but it just didn’t feel like the right choice for this theme.

To try to come up with something better I searched the internet for “retro food” and looked through google images for some inspiration.  Then it hit me:  I could re-create a 1950’s diner meal.  What is more retro than a meal of a burger or hot dog with fries and a shake?

The 1950’s always seemed to me to be a simpler time.  In my head all diners looked the same and served the same food.  Waitresses would skate out to those beautiful old cars full of teenagers wearing their letter jackets and cheerleader outfits to take orders and deliver food.  You know what I’m talking about.



Checkered floors, lots of red, very few options on the menu… you could get burgers, hot dogs, fries, cola, or a shake.



Here is my vegan re-creation of that old 1950’s diner meal:


This is my much healthier version.  The hog dog is a carrot hot dog.  It was my first time making them.  It’s pretty insane how much they taste exactly like a regular hot dog!  The recipe I used is from Happy Herbivore: Holidays and Gatherings.  If you’ve never tried one I recommend it!  It was very good!  The fries were frozen ones I bought since I didn’t have enough time to make my own oven fries.  The shake is another Happy Herbivore creation made without non-dairy ice cream.  Looks like a thick normal milkshake, doesn’t it?  🙂



I had a ton of fun coming up with this meal.  Doing the research and coming up with the idea was the best part of this.  Oh and the end where I get to eat the meal!  Yum!  What do you think when you think back on retro food?  I’ve seen a lot of variations of meatloaf and macaroni and cheese today.  Awesome!

Until next time!



10 responses to “1950’s Diner Meal

    • I wasn’t really a fan of hot dogs when I ate meat. Actually I never really liked any meat, so when people make non-meat things taste like meat, I usually don’t like them. But these were awesome! I highly recommend!

  1. I love that you made the whole deal: dog, fries and a shake! I’m another one who still hasn’t tried a carrot dog, but your enthusiasm intrigues me. It looks like such a fun dinner.

  2. This is so cool! I really struggled with this prompt, I love your entire meal! I am totally going to make a carrot-dog now, I haven’t tried them yet but you’ve convinced me I totally need to 😀

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