Weird Food Combinations


Today is Day 4 of Vegan MoFo and our prompt is “weird food combos”.  I came up with nothing and everything all at the same time.  See if you are someone who doesn’t know much about the vegan way of eating, everything is “weird”.  I get a lot of comments at work about my food.  Lately it’s been people saying how good it looks, but for the longest time it was a lot of “that looks weeeeird”.  The nothing is that I don’t really have any weird food eating habits.  I don’t think I eat anything that anyone would consider weird.  Then I remembered my “Waffles and Fries” post from last year’s MoFo.


See the post here.  Stress and hormones were making me have weird food cravings, and I came up with this.  I had leftover fries from going out to dinner and I had a recently purchased waffle iron.  I have a thing for salty then sweet things.  In that order 🙂

This year Vegan Month of food started off and I ended up sick with the flu.  Nothing says flu season like the first week of September!  I’m rolling my eyes here.  It’s been miserable.  I’m happy I’ve had my posts planned out all week or I wouldn’t be posting much at all.  😦  While sick and delirious with fever, I remember this combo and decided to make it again.  It’s been almost a year since I’ve eaten it!

One thing was different about it this year.  Well two:  I have a new waffle iron and I made the fries myself.


Aww yeah look at that beautiful waffle iron.  And what does that say?


This little iron makes both waffles and sammiches!!!  How awesome is that?

If you’ve read this blog before, you know I have a huge love of waffles.  Only to be rivaled by Leslie Knope’s love of waffles.


It was also hot this week, and being sick with a fever in a hot apartment is not fun.  I wanted fries, but I didn’t want to turn on the oven.  What was a girl to do…


I used my toaster oven to bake fries.  I’ve never done it before, and wasn’t sure how they would turn out.  So I loaded them up with seasoning and set the oven to 400 degrees.  I crossed my fingers…



They didn’t come out too bad at all!  They weren’t as perfectly crisp as I usually get them in the oven, but they were still very good for a last minute fry craving.

The waffles came out good too!  This waffle iron is great because it cooks the waffles a lot faster.  Makes them smaller than my other one, but you get two at once.  Nom!



So do you have any weird food combinations that you love?  I’ve looked around and seen a lot of people who weren’t sure what to write about for today.  I don’t think I would have known what to write about if I didn’t get sick and crave this old favorite.  I guess one good thing came out of being sick?

Yuck, I’d rather of written about nothing today than be sick 🙂  Oh well!  Got a craving for fries and waffles now?  Learn how to cook the best baked fries ever here.  The waffle recipe is from Happy Herbivore.

Until next time!



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