Lazy Saturday


Today is Vegan MoFo day 27! I can’t believe this month is almost over. Today was a nice lazy day. I spent last evening and night over at my best friend Kelly’s house. We hung around and watched episodes of New Girl and How To Get Away With Murder. Then we went to bed early because she’s pregnant and I’ve been exhausted.

So today we sat around watching the Parks and Recreation marathon on Esquire network and decided we should get out and enjoy the day. Here in New York it was beautiful and sunny- about 80 degrees. It’s been much colder, so I was happy about how warm it was today.

For lunch we went to out favorite sushi restaurant Izumi, in downtown Saratoga. We both ordered the sweet potato and peanut avocado rolls. Vegan sushi!!!




It was delicious! It’s been a long time since we’ve been and it was worth the wait!

Afterwards we wandered around downtown Saratoga and stumbled upon this:


Yup that’s a live band wearing masks- Nixon, Clinton, an alien, and a horse. They were playing the bar theme from Star Wars when we walked by. It was quite a spectacle!

Overall we had a great day. It was great getting out in the sun and pretending that it’s still summer. I’m still not ready to let go!


It was so bright outside I had to purchase a new pair of sunglasses. I enjoyed wandering around and checking out the little shops in downtown Saratoga.

Until next time!


2 responses to “Lazy Saturday

  1. Aww… I wasn’t doing anything after about 1:30… would have loved to join! Was sitting on my porch reading! Plus I had coupons! =oP

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