Chloe Coscarelli’s Vegan Italian Kitchen!


It’s Vegan MoFo day 23 and the release day of Chloe’s new book:  Chloe’s Vegan Italian Kitchen!

If you’ve been following this blog, you might know that Chloe is the person who got me into Vegan cooking.  Her first book, Chloe’s Kitchen, was just so inviting that I had to try it out.  And my life hasn’t been the same since.  So when I heard that Chloe was coming out with a new book… well I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on it!

I’ve been counting down the days all month until today.  I followed Chloe’s facebook page and tried to win a free copy- but my luck must have run out.  So the first thing I did today when I left work was run to my nearest Barnes and Noble and picked up my copy of this awesome book!

I knew that I had to cook something out of it tonight, so once I bought my copy, I went to Whole Foods and sat in the parking lot flipping through the book.  Automatically there were a TON of recipes that caught my eye.  I was especially drawn to the soups- there was a pumpkin soup recipe, and a tomato soup recipe.  I was tempted to make those, but I kept flipping through.

The book is divided into chapters:

  • Appetizers
  • Vegetables
  • Soups and Salads
  • Pizza, Focaccia, and Panini
  • Viva La Pasta
  • The Main Course
  • Desserts
  • Make Your Own Basics

The book is inviting.  There are tons of full color pictures of most recipes and cute pictures of Chloe with various dishes.


Look at how cute she is!  I want to be best friends with her and hang out and cook vegan food all the time.  If only…

Anyways, as I flipped through the book and finally settled on a recipe that looked familiar.  It is called “Kate Middleton’s Pasta Alfredo”.  It’s a dish that Chloe would serve her if she ever stopped by for lunch.  The dish is very simple- white vegan Alfredo sauce on top of rottini pasta, garnished with parsley and vegan Parmesan topping.  It also was a very similar recipe to Chloe’s Fettuccine Alfredo in her first book, except that the vegetables are baked instead of pan fried, and cauliflower is used instead of cashews.  A lower fat version of a delicious vegan Alfredo?  Yes please!

So I went into Whole Foods and picked up the few items that I was missing to make this dish.  The recipe doesn’t have a ton of ingredients, so I only needed a few things.


In total this meal took me only 40 minutes to put together.  I cut up the vegetables first to get them in the oven and roasting.  I did use oil spray for this part.  Chloe’s recipe suggests drizzling olive oil over the vegetables, but I never just drizzle the oil, so I used the spray instead.


Once the vegetables were in the oven, I started boiling the water for pasta, and putting together the vegan Parmesan Topping.  This recipe is in the section “Make Your Own Basics” and is used in other recipes in the book.  The Parmesan Topping was made of ingredients I never would have guessed would go together- and it was absolutely amazing.  I couldn’t stop picking at it while I was prepping the other parts of the recipe!


Once the vegetables were done roasting, I threw them in my food processor with the other ingredients and made the Alfredo sauce.



I took a little taste of the sauce before I poured it over the pasta.  It was delicious!  It was thicker than I expected, and was very garlicy.  I was surprised too, because I only used 3 cloves even though the recipe calls for 5!


The sauce was interesting.  This was the first time I’ve made a sauce out of cauliflower, and I was surprised how it was thick, but not really creamy.  Well not my definition of creamy at least.  It was surprisingly good! I made it look all pretty for this post:


I absolutely LOVED this dish!  If this is any indication on how the other recipes will be, then I am SUPER excited to try them all out!  I think I’ll be spending a LOT of time with this book in the coming months. 🙂  The pasta was garlicy, but a tiny bit sweet because of the Parmesan Topping, and it hit the spot for that Alfredo sauce craving I get every so often.  Yum!  Thanks Chloe!




I think I may have found my new obsession!  I can’t wait to try all the recipes!


If you love Italian food then I seriously suggest you pick up a copy of this awesome book.  I don’t think you’ll regret it!  This one has my stamp of approval 🙂

Until next time!





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