WIAW: Waffle and Fries Edition!


It’s another What I Ate Wednesday for Vegan MoFo Day 17!!

I was going to call this What I Ate Wednesday: PMS Edition but I was afraid to scare off my male readers.  (All 3 of you!) Oh who am I kidding.  I don’t really care if I scare anyone off.  I’m having a weird day, and my weird day was topped off by my weird dinner!

Waffles and chicken are a thing, right?  Well why can’t waffles and fries be a thing?!  I know it’s that special time of month because I was craving sweets like crazy all day.  My coworker helped me stay away from them during the work day, but all bets were off once I got home.

I also want really greasy food.  I had leftover fries from my dinner at Bomber’s last night and I really wanted to finish them off.


I also had leftover batter from the “Drown Your Sorrow” Waffles.  I wanted chocolate, so I threw some vegan chocolate chips into the batter.



I heated up my waffle iron and toaster oven and went to work cooking my weirdo meal.  10 minutes later I had this:


This hit the spot and killed my cravings for sweets and greasy food.  And it was DELICIOUS!

Have you ever had any weird combinations of food for dinner?  Share below!



Until next time!




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