The Other Earth Balance Macaroni and Cheese


It’s Macaroni and Cheese Monday again for Vegan MoFo day 15!

Last week, I talked about my macaroni and cheese addiction, and reviewed the cheddar flavor of the Earth Balance brand vegan macaroni and cheese.  Somehow I was able to hold off a week before making the white cheddar version.  How did it turn out?


The packaging is exactly the same as the cheddar, except in a nice bright blue.  Inside was the same too, except the “cheese” powder was white instead of orange.


The pasta cooked up quickly, and once it was drained I added everything together.  This time I tried adding less Earth Balance (at the suggestion of Reno Vegan!  Thank you!).  I reduced it from 2 tbsp down to 1 tbsp.  I once again used almond milk as the nondairy milk to create the “cheese” sauce.  It just works the best for savory sauces!




I decided to once again pair this macaroni and cheese with a vegetable to make the meal a bit more healthy.  The only quick thing in my freezer was broccoli, which goes perfectly with a white cheddar sauce.  I took my first bite of this and it reminded me of how the cheddar tasted.  I’m not sure if it is just me, but this tasted a bit creamier, and a little less tangy than the cheddar.  However, the flavor is very similar.

And just as I thought, it went perfectly with the broccoli.  It was a nice quick meal.  Personally, I prefer to make my own sauces now and really control what goes in to my food.  This is perfect though for those late work nights where I’m not feeling much like cooking.  I will definitely be buying this macaroni and cheese again!  And since I didn’t eat the whole box, I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.  Score!


I have now tried and reviewed both Earth Balance vegan Macaroni and Cheeses and I love them both!  Have you tried them yet?  If so, what do you think?

I’m hoping to find and try a new vegan “cheese” sauce for next week’s Macaroni and Cheese Monday.  Have any suggestions? 😉

Until next time!



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