Vegan Sushi! @ Sticky Rice in Baltimore, MD


It’s Vegan MoFo Day 11 already!

I went out this evening and got home on the later side, so I didn’t get a chance to cook.  So I thought it would be a good night to talk about a restaurant I went to when I was in Baltimore last month.  It’s called Sticky Rice, and it was AMAZING!

I feel the need to start off this post explaining that I’ve never been to an all vegan restaurant.  I just don’t know of any that exist in my area, and I’m not sure who would be brave enough to come with me.  Well, I probably have a few friends who would be adventurous.  But I don’t know of a single place that serves solely vegan food.  It is a dream of mine to visit one of these types of restaurants someday.

With that in mind, when it was time to plan out our trip to Baltimore (and OTAKON!!), I went on Happy Cow to try to find this elusive all vegan restaurant.  If you are visiting my blog because of Vegan MoFo, you probably already know what Happy Cow is.  For all my friends who aren’t vegan or vegetarian- Happy Cow is this awesome website that lets you search for vegan or vegetarian restaurants, or even ones that have those options.  So I poked around on there a bit and while I didn’t find that all vegan restaurant, I did find one that was VERY vegan friendly.


It’s called Sticky Rice, and they specialize in sushi, but you can get other sorts of Asian type dishes there as well.  Andrea and I are huge fans of sushi, but I was getting bored of the typical sweet potato tempura and avocado rolls.  When I found this place and looked at the menu, I just knew we had to go!


The menu had a specific section for vegans and vegetarians, and lists out each roll, what’s in it, and if it’s either vegan, vegetarian, or vegetarian that could be made vegan if requested option.  Wow!  And look at how creative those rolls are.  Tofu with peanuts, cucumbers, and carrots!  They have the typical tempura sweet potato, but it has a twist!  I showed the menu to Andrea, and I knew we had to find a way to make going to this restaurant happen.

We ended up going on the Thursday before Otakon.  We go a day early so we don’t have to rush around.  And because we didn’t need to rush around, we had time to wander around the inner harbor and find this restaurant.  We took the longest way possible to get there.  It felt like we walked forever!  In the end though, it was completely worth it.

I don’t have any good pictures of the inside, but it’s a small restaurant.  The decor was cool, and at the time we went it was very quiet.  Probably because it was 2 p.m. on a Thursday.  The service was great.  Our server answered all our questions and our food was brought out in a timely manner.  We each ordered a couple of rolls.  I ended up getting “The Hot Hippy” and the “Dirty Sanchez”.  The latter was on their special menu.  Both are made vegan.


The roll all the way to the left is the “Hot Hippy”.  I have never had tofu in a roll before, so I was really excited about this one!  Hot Hippy isn’t a joke either, it was spicy!!  The tofu must have been marinated in something spicy.  Oh look at that, the menu says spicy marinated.  YUM.  I can’t remember what any of the other rolls were called.  I believe the one directly next to the Hot Hippy and the one in the center top were both vegetarian.  And Andrea always orders fish, so the ones in the middle bottom and on the right have some sort of fish in them.  Yuck.  I stay away from those!

And last but not least, the seriously amazing DIRTY SANCHEZ:

IMG_1410 IMG_1411 IMG_1412

You know this roll was so good, and I can’t remember what was in it!  I remember it definitely has jalapeno in it.  And it’s drizzled with some sort of chili sauce.  It was so spicy my mouth was on fire, but I absolutely loved every bite and I don’t think I shared this one!

Overall we had an excellent experience at this restaurant.  So much so that we almost went back again another day for dinner.  It was a bit far to walk though from the convention, but we will keep this place in mind for next year.  I can’t wait to go back!!

2014-08-07 151700

This is me at the restaurant, enjoying a beer 🙂

Do you know of any great restaurants with vegan options?  Or have you been lucky enough to have been to a vegan only restaurant?  Share your experiences below!  I’d love to hear them!!

Until next time!




4 responses to “Vegan Sushi! @ Sticky Rice in Baltimore, MD

    • What! How can that be? It’s NYC!! I had been talking for a while about how I wish the restaurants in our area were more creative with vegetable sushi, and then I found this place. I just wish it were closer! 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

  1. I’m just visiting Baltimore right now, so this post was very timely. I think we might end up visiting Sticky Rice tomorrow 🙂 Thanks!

    P.S. if you ever find yourself in Baltimore again, the Land of Kush is a totally vegan soulfood place in Baltimore, and it’s awesome (I went there today)

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