Cupcake Ego


For Vegan MoFo Day 5 I ended up out all day and didn’t have any time for cooking!  And my plan for cooking ahead so I didn’t run into this problem never happened so… yeah.  So tonight is a complete change in my original plan, and I’m going to post about my CUPCAKE EGO.

I’m not exactly sure how I got started with baking cupcakes.  I think the recipes were in the cook books I bought to learn how to cook and I just decided I would try them out.  I think it was around Easter last year, I though I would try my hand at a low fat vegan cupcake:


These are from The Happy Herbivore Cookbook.  I loved cooking, and I thought I was decent at it, but I didn’t truly know love until I started to bake.  I don’t know what it was about baking, but I could just take a recipe, whip it up, and have it come out perfect almost every time.

When I was new to baking, I would often times bring in my deserts to people at work to get their feedback on what they thought of them.  I flat out told people that they were vegan, and I wanted to see what they thought of the taste.  People were apprehensive at first.  NO MILK OR EGGS?!  WELL HOW DID YOU MAKE THIS THEN?  I would patiently explain to people that vegan baking was quite simple, and it used ingredients that they used in their every day type cooking and baking.  Nothing special, nothing weird.  Flour, baking soda, baking powder, vinegar, canola oil, applesauce… all things they’ve heard of.

People were curious, so they gave my baking a try.  And guess what?  They loved it!  I started sharing muffins and cookies with the group as well.  My baked goods always disappeared real quick.  Some people got a kick out of the fact that they were eating something vegan and enjoying it.

As time went on, I started to collect more cook books.  Each time I got a new one, I would try the recipes and share them with friends and family.  My ability to make cupcakes got better and better with each new recipe I tried.


For Christmas this past year, my cousin got me “Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World”.  It was the best gift ever!  I started to bake cupcakes almost every week.  I was bringing cupcakes with me everywhere: to work, to friends houses, to special occasions… I always had a batch of cupcakes with me.  Some people even started to call me “The Cupcake Queen”!


The thing I loved most about all of this is the comments I got about it.  A lot of people told me that they liked my vegan cupcakes better than the “regular” ones.  I’ve inspired at least one person in my life to cook vegan.  And people who aren’t vegan, but have a lactose intolerance, love that I bake using soy milk and not cow’s milk.  I never expected people to be so accepting of a different style of baking!


The downside to this?  I started to get what I am now calling a CUPCAKE EGO.  I KNOW my cupcakes are the best!  There is no comparison!  Last weekend I didn’t have time to bake cupcakes before visiting some of my friends.  I bought some prepackaged ones and brought those with me.  One comment I got was “These are good, but yours are better!”.  Instead of being polite and saying “thank you” my response was something like “I KNOW RIGHT?!?!”


I mean, look at them!  How could you not get an ego after creating so many batches of amazingness?  These cupcakes I was especially proud of.  In a moment of weakness (or curiosity…) I bought a package of Berry Oreos.  I was to the end of the pack, and didn’t want to do anything with them anymore, so I smashed them up and added them to my frosting to make a chocolately berry frosting.  They were delicious!


The chocolate cupcake recipe from “Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World” is hands down the best cupcake recipe in the world.  I’ve made it dozens of times now and every time not a single crumb is left.  Here I had a batch of delicious fresh strawberries, and since I love them on top of cupcakes they ended up on top of my favorite cupcake recipe.  So good!


The tower of cupcakes!  There are my two favorite recipes: chocolate cupcakes, and strawberry shortcake cupcakes.



More cupcakes!  I make them for every special occasion, even Fourth of July!!

And I will end today’s post with the most fun to make cupcake that I’ve made this year:


Mucho Margarita Cupcakes from “Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World”.  Because who doesn’t love booze in their cupcakes?!

This doesn’t even touch the number of cupcakes I’ve made this year.  I’m actually disappointed in how different recipes I didn’t take pictures of.  Oh well!

Do you have a big ego about something you cook or bake?  And what is your favorite cupcake recipe?  Share below!

Until next time!



9 responses to “Cupcake Ego

  1. 😀 I love baking cupcakes, too! VCTW was my first vegan “cook”book and convinced me to become vegan, because these cupcakes are simply so good, that I could easily imagine the rest of my life without animal products in my cakes 😉

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