Vegan Month of Food!!!


I’ve spent the last year searching.  I have no idea what I am searching for, but it feels like for my last year before I turn 30 I should find it.  Whatever it is.  I got myself a new apartment this year (on my own!).  I made a ton of new friends.  I even got a new job.  Everything is new and exciting!  Even so, I still haven’t felt fulfilled.  It feels like there is something missing…

But who knows what it is.  I sure don’t!  And I’m tired of searching.  It’s time to distract myself.  So here I am, making my grand  return to blogging and back to what got me started here in the first place:  vegan food!  It is September 1st, which means it is the official start of VEGAN MONTH OF FOOD!

What is Vegan MoFo you ask?  It is an entire month where bloggers, like myself, can post every single day about their adventures with veganism.  The community gets together to support one another and talk about our favorite thing ever:  food!  Bloggers participating are encouraged to post every single day for the entire month of September about vegan food.  It really is quite amazing.

I first discovered the whole Vegan Month of Food thing last year, when I returned from Otakon and was looking to expand upon my blog.  I missed the deadline last year, but I followed a few blogs and was really jealous that I wasn’t able to participate.  This year I found myself in the same boat- I came back from Otakon, a little depressed the fun was over, and with a complete loss of focus.  I had no costume to work on!  No trip to get ready for!

A few weeks have passed since Otakon, and I don’t know what made me think of Vegan MoFo, but I ended up on the site to see if I still had time to sign up.  It was August 29th.  The deadline?  August 27th.  I missed it again!  Two years in a row!  I was angry at myself, but decided to sign up anyways.  What would it hurt if I signed up and they said “NO”?  I went on Vegan MoFo, filled out my information on the sign up page, and hit submit.

Two days passed by and I heard nothing.  I assumed that I wasn’t accepted and kind of moved on.  But this morning.. I signed into my email to find that I had a couple of new followers!  Where would people have heard about my site?  I put two and two together, looked at the blog roll, and realized that I was accepted!  I am officially part of Vegan Month of Food!

Each website has the option of coming up with a theme for the month.  I’ve had some ideas tossed around, but I settled with “No gallbladder?  No problem!  Low fat vegan eating”.  If you’ve read my blog before, you know I went through a lot when my gallbladder decided to call it quits, and I still continue to live life differently because I don’t have this “nonessential” organ in my body.  I’ve allowed it to kind of define me, but it’s what lead me to vegan eating, and what has kept me on the path, so I figure it’s worth talking about some more.

This month I plan to showcase all the different foods I’ve been creating to sustain a healthy living, and also try to veganize popular dishes that I haven’t seen done before.  And oatmeal!  Just because who doesn’t love oatmeal?!?!

Comment if there are any dishes you’d like to see veganized!  Otherwise, I hope I will see you again here throughout the month.  I will be posting almost daily.  Also- the countdown to 30 is on!  T-minus 53 days and counting!!!

See you again soon!




A year in food:

IMG_1228 IMG_1235 IMG_1245 IMG_1372 IMG_1375 IMG_1380 IMG_1383 IMG_1393 IMG_1395 IMG_1396 IMG_1403 IMG_1404 IMG_1406


12 responses to “Vegan Month of Food!!!

  1. cool theme – my cousin has had challenges with her gallbladder and even though she’s not vegan (yet) i bet she’ll be interested in what you’re going to share.

  2. you are the third person today i’ve talked (air quotes, i guess) to with a gall bladder thing! one of my best friends had a terrible gall bladder attack last night, one of my grad students is having hers removed right after she has her baby in a couple of weeks (yikes)… and then i read your post. gall bladders ahoy!

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