My Amazing Birthday :)


Last Wednesday was my 29th birthday.  It was a day I was both looking forward to, and also fearing.  I was not ready to get older.  But as always, my friends made it a day I’ll never forget!

I got to work and found my desk all decorated (pictured above).  The area was roped off with Happy Birthday decorations, and there were presents all around my desk.  It’s hard to read the sign in the picture, but it states that no grievances are allowed once past the sign.   It was amazing!

Not only did they decorate my desk, but my friends got me fun things like that cupcake carrier (pictured above), lots of treats, lots of tea, a vegan cookbook, a movie I’ve been wanting, and gold star stickers.

It’s known around the office that I prefer to cook vegan for myself, but I’ve never insisted that others cook vegan for me.  I don’t like to be an inconvenience for people.  I guess that didn’t matter on my birthday, because everyone either bought me or made me vegan treats!  They were so delicious!


A closer look at my cupcake carrier and the cupcakes that were inside:


Vegan red velvet!  Made by the very talented Joelle.  The decoration on top is chocolate graham crackers 🙂



One of the girls who I don’t know quite as well knew I was vegan and made me these delicious vegan cookies!  (Thanks Cathy!!!)


And lastly, there is this delicious treat that Kelly (one of my best friends!) got for me from my favorite grocery store, Healthy Living Market and Cafe.  It was Pumpkin spice and completely vegan!

After work was done most of my friends and some of my family joined me at Bomber’s for my famous birthday margarita.  I was so happy that so many people wanted to join me in celebrating my birthday.


I started out the day being afraid of losing my youth and sad that another year passed with my life not advancing in a way I thought I wanted it to.  It ended with me surrounded by my friends and the realization that it doesn’t matter how old I am or where I’m at in my life.  I have a ton of people who will always be there for me and that’s worth more than anything in the world.  Thank you so much everyone!

My birthday celebration also helped me check off a few things on my list:

23.  Bomber’s margarita on my birthday

25.  Take 30 shots:  Only 27 more to go!

Have you had any fun birthday adventures recently?  Post about it in the comments!


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