30 Before 30: The List


As some of you might already know, I turn 29 today!!!  In the weeks leading up to this day I was kind of freaking out.  I was going to be 29, but I felt as if I wasted my youth and suddenly started to fear the number 30.  My cousin convinced me to make it fun for myself and come up with a list of 30 things I want to do before I turn 30.  I loved the idea, and my friends loved it too.

Here is the official 30 Things to Do Before I Turn 30 List:

  1. Move out of my parents house
  2. Get a passport (and use it?!)
  3. Reconnect with old friends
  4. Go to Vegas
  5. Visit Harry Potter World
  6. Try 30 beers
  7. Travel alone to a new place
  8. Write a book (or get one started)
  9. Try boiled peanuts
  10. Relearn how to ski
  11. Try 30 new recipes
  12. Wear a handmade costume to Otakon 2014
  13. Buy an outfit without looking at the price
  14. Host a dinner party
  15. Go out in Saratoga and stay out all night
  16. Get a pink streak in my hair (peekaboo highlights?)
  17. Learn to make wine
  18. Try 30 new wines
  19. Go on a Lake George boat cruise with my friends in the summer
  20. Start a new tradition
  21. Meet new people
  22. Learn basic sign language
  23. Bomber’s margarita on my birthday
  24. Be the best aunt ever
  25. Take 30 shots
  26. Go on 10 dates
  27. Get in (better) shape
  28. Play hooky and do something fun
  29. Get a tattoo
  30. Forgive myself for leading a life different from others

In the coming days I think I’ll break down the list a bit and explain why I chose all of these things.  Thanks to everyone for helping me come up with this list!!!  🙂


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