Shea MacLeod rocks!

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Sometime after I got my Kindle last year I was poking around either the Amazon Daily Deals or the Monthly deals and I found these three books for sale.  I read through the synopsis real quick and decided it was something I wanted to read.  Why you ask?  Well just one thing:  Kickass Vampire Hunter.  Enough said!

The Sunwalker Saga is written by Shea MacLeod and stars Morgan Bailey, a red headed street smart woman who was attacked several years ago by a vampire and now has heightened senses, crazy speed, and a new job: supernatural bounty hunter.  Her next hunt is to find the elusive Sunwalker- a vampire that can walk in the daylight.  I was all about this series!

I read through all three books fairly quickly.  Throughout the story more supernatural elements were added to the mix, including dragons, sidhe, and fairies.  Normally I stop reading a book when fairies get involved, but I kept at it with this one and I’m glad I did!  The story also includes a bit of a love triangle, with two love interests who are completely different and both interesting to read about.

I loved all the stories, and fell in love with all the characters.  The interactions between them are great.  I especially love Morgan’s interactions with the Sunwalker- when she finally meets him.  There is also aspects of magic in this story.  Basically the series includes everything I love in a supernatural story.

When I got to the third book I was a bit sad, I thought it was going to be the end of the series.  Even so I read through that at a quick rate, and was surprised to find once I got to the end that the story would be continuing!  It had to be continuing, right?  The end was a cliffhanger!  A quick internet search and I found that Shea MacLeod was not just releasing one more book in the series, but there were another three planned!  I had to be patient for the release date of the next book.

On October 1st the fourth book in the Sunwalker Series was released:


Shea MacLeod hosted a release party on her facebook page and I was actually free the evening of October 2nd to participate.  She hosted a variety of different giveaways to lucky fans.  Each giveaway was accompanied by a question that we had to answer and one person out of those who answered was chosen as the winner.  Discussions about the books, favorite characters, types of supernatural creatures, and even our favorite real world places were all talked about.

During one of these giveaways I was chosen as the winner!  I won a free copy of the newest book Kissed by Moonlight and a variety of other things I would receive in the mail.  I couldn’t believe it!  I almost never win anything.  I was so excited to get my hands on the new book!

I haven’t had a whole lot of time to read yet, but what I have read is really good.  I’m told that the book will have Morgan traveling to Paris this time around and will introduce even more types of vampires.  I can’t wait to have more time to read!

Sometime last week my goodies showed up in the mail:


I got an autograph!  Plus a whole bunch of cards for new book series and authors to look into, a pad of paper, a pen, one of those rubber braclet things, a bookmark, and a couple of romance trading cards!  I had no idea those were even made.  That made me giggle a little.

This is why Shea MacLeod rocks.  She writes amazing supernatural stories that I can’t get enough of.  She hosts fun events and actually interacts with her fans.  She even accepts friend requests on facebook!  She’s just a very cool, down to earth person and I really encourage anyone who is interested in supernatural type stories to give her book series a try.  I don’t think you’ll regret it!

Thank you very much Shea.  Thank you for the endless entertainment I’ve gotten from your books and your characters.  Thank you for choosing me as a winner of one of the giveaways and thank you for the free copy of your latest book.  You rock!

(Now when is the 5th book coming out? 😉 )

Check out the first Sunwalker novel now.


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