OTAKON: The Thursday Before


OTAKON!!!  It was my first convention ever.  I was so excited!  I spent weeks getting ready for it and then finally the day was here to fly off to Baltimore.  I was up at 4 a.m. on Thursday to catch a 5:55 a.m. flight out of Albany.  That was rough.  Especially since we almost missed our flight due to my friend having a bag that weighed too much.  (FYI:  A sewing machine weighs upwards of 22 lbs…)

We made it though and around 7:30 in the morning we were in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.  It was too early to check into the hotel so we ended up spending a few hours wandering around the harbor.  I was pretty tired from not sleeping much the last few nights, so I wasn’t feeling too excited about the convention yet.  However, we did stumble upon this:


That’s right, that’s a huge Barnes and Noble!  I was excited to see that and get a chance to geek out inside.  We spent quite a bit of time wandering around in there.

All around the convention center were signs advertising Otakon:


I got my first glimpse of where the convention was going to be held:


Registration began at 2 p.m. so after lunch we wandered over to the convention center to stand in line.  It took a while for us to figure out where to go (this thing needed more signs!!!) but we eventually got there and waited in a HUGE line.  I knew that thousands of people go to this, but I had no idea that the line to register would be so long.  After two hours we finally had our badges:


Afterwards, we headed back to our hotel to make dinner and work on costumes.  Mine was already done (I purchased mine a few weeks back) but my friends still had things they needed to finish.  We also cooked dinner in our hotel room using this little appliance I purchased on Amazon:


Using that 3 in 1 cooker we made Happy Herbivore Quick Burgers and turned them into delicious tacos by cooking up some veggies from my friends garden and adding in some precooked rice!


After dinner the nerdiness continued with costume making and video games.  Our hotel room looked like it was hit by a dweebnado!


The excitement was finally building!  Friday would be the day that I would finally go to my first convention!

Stay tuned all week- I will be posting more about my trip to Otakon!  The cosplay!  The panels!  The adventures!  You won’t want to miss it 😉


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