Sharknado! NO MERCY!


Yeah I realize that this post is a little late.  The Sharknado craze has come and gone, and while most people have moved on I don’t think this will ever truly leave me.

I first heard about the Sharknado on Entertainment Weekly and thought to bring it up at work on a terrible Sunday where everything kept going wrong.  For the two weeks after that my work friends and I obsessed over Sharknado.  How could you not?  It’s SHARKS in a TORNADO.  ENOUGH SAID!

On Thursday, July 11,  Sharknado finally premiered on the SyFy channel.   Twitter exploded with posts about the movie.  It was talked about on the news the next day.  It had become an overnight sensation!

In all our hype we decided it would be fun to have a viewing party.  What could be better than sharks in a tornado?  Sharks in a tornado… with drinks!IMG_0345

This drink, originally called the Bull Shark Bite, has Brazilian Cachaca rum, a splash of Blue Curacao, lime juice, and grenadine (it’s the “blood” at the bottom of the cup!)  This drink was incredibly strong, so we added a little bit of sugar to try and balance it out.  It is now the official sharknado drink!

I also used the occasion to showcase some of my vegan cooking:


I made the BBQ Tofu pizza from Chloe’s Kitchen again.  Always a hit!


And I tried a new recipe:  Sweet and Sour Party Meatballs.  Also from Chloe’s Kitchen.  I had never tried these before, but I was dying to make them.  They contain walnuts, lentil beans, garlic, and onion plus spices.  Pretty good stuff! (As a side note- next time I’d like to try baking them!)

Once we ate and the drinks were made it was time to watch the movie.  If you don’t know anything about it, it stars these two very famous actors:


That’s Tara Reid and Ian Ziering (of 90210 fame).  They play a divorced couple who have two children together.  (Since when was Tara Reid old enough to play a mom to 20 year old children?!) Anyways, it’s set in L.A. (or was it Beverly Hills?) and for whatever reason all the sharks have decided to swim north of wherever they are from just as a storm is brewing!!!


As you can see I didn’t pay any attention to ANY of the details.  Honestly who could?  I was too distracted by the amazing acting and the excellent editing of this film.  There was definitely no continuity issues, like scenes where a storm was brewing, but the sun was still shining.  Everything was cut perfectly…

And back to the story-  Our main character “Nova” waitresses in a bikini, is in love with her boss (Ian Ziering), and has a scar on her leg.  Oh no!  Could she have been bitten by a shark?


The news just informed our heroine that a hurricane is coming and that everyone should get inland.  She ends up staying, probably so she can be with her boss.  His name, btw, is Fin (oh the irony!!!) and as soon as he hears about the hurricane he decides to call his ex wife and make sure that his kids are okay.


They fight, Fin decides he’s going to save the day and save his daughter and ex-wife.  At this point the storm has hit their bar, sharks are everywhere, and Nova has killed one with a pool cue.  A POOL CUE!  How sharp are those things?

The movie continues with plenty of car scenes:


And lots of action!

Sharknado - 2013

There is a ton of action because our group has decided to stay and fight!  They are going to fight the weather!!!  With guns and bombs!


And chainsaws!!!  Did I mention that you can cut a shark with a chainsaw just like cutting through butter?!  Yup, that happened!  The movie ending is so insane you’ll be yelling out loud at your TV.  I know I did.  I’m not going to spoil it here.  If you haven’t seen this movie yet, then you definitely should.  You’ll never be the same ever again.

Since I started to write this post I’ve come to discover that a sequel has been approved and will be set in NYC.  I’ll be waiting anxiously for this!  Will you?


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