Take a Leap


This blog has been an idea in the back of my mind for a long time now.  I thought it might be fun to have one of these.  But what would I write about?  I didn’t really think I had anything interesting to say.  What if nobody cared to read what I wrote?

I have always wanted to be a writer.  It began after I read “Harriet the Spy” and it’s never really ever left me.  I’ll go months or years and not think about that dream.  But it always comes back.  It’s like my brain is saying “hey remember that time you wanted to be a writer?  Yeah maybe you should do that.”

I always come back to it, and I always find some excuse as to why I can’t do it.  Not this time.  This time I’m going to take a leap.  I’m going to write this blog, and I don’t care if anyone reads it or what they think of it.  I’m doing this for me.

And just like every great writer, I have decided to write what I know.  And I know myself.  Maybe… or at least I know about the journey I am on to discover myself.  Everyone goes through it at some point in their life.  Maybe my story will be interesting to you?

Here you’ll find stories about how I got here and where I came from.  I can’t always be serious though, so I’ll also post about my terrible dates (who hasn’t had one?!), how I became (mostly) vegan(?!), and about all the things I love in my life (cats!  wine!  cooking!  All things nerdy!).   Hopefully you’ll find something here for you.

Maybe I’ll see you here again in the future.  I know I’ll still be here.  This is one dream I’m not going to give up on.  This is me… taking a leap!


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